Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What color is your personality?

One of the few blogs that I always read is While the Cat's Away. Earlier this week, she posted a link to a personality test based on the colors you prefer, and I can't say I was at all surprised by my results:

You are 59% introvert and 41% extrovert.
  • You are a creative person, with always new ideas, and you know how to apply them.
  • You are creative, you know how to see beauty, you are intuitive and your inspiration comes from the inside.
  • You are strong-willed and active, your actions are determined by your own will, by the goals you set for yourself, and by your need to act and move ahead.
  • You are a manager and a leader, and you know how to organize groups of people and how to give them your energy.
  • You are intellectual and intelligent, you wonder and you inquire before taking any action and setting your values.
I've always thought personality tests are fascinating, but one based on color is particularly so, especially considering my recent creative outlets. I've always known that I'm an introvert, which is why I'm much more comfortable in my basement creating. But, it's pretty cool to know that perhaps I've found something that makes my brain, soul AND personality happy. Validation is a wonderful thing!

Be blessed :)

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