Monday, May 31, 2010

Fabulosity -- Maudies

I love beads. Something about them speaks to me. And I love lampwork beads. Each bead is just a little bit different. You can find some really nifty ones in stores, but they're nothing compared to the true individuality of hand crafted beads like the ones Ann creates for her Etsy shop, Maudies.

I literally stumbled upon Maudies a couple of months ago and was delighted to find that her beads were not only beautiful, but affordable! As much as I love lampwork beads, I can rarely afford to indulge my passion. Not so with Maudies! And just because her prices are low doesn't mean that her quality or workmanship is lacking. Everything that I've ordered from her has been wonderful! And she's a dream to work with on custom creations. I love everything I've gotten from her, and can't wait to get my next order in the mail! :)

Be blessed!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Fabulosity -- Buy Her Beads

I don't know a jewelry designer who doesn't have a love of beads. I think we all have some level of compulsion to buy them, even if we don't have a need for them or any clue what we'll be using them for. I, myself, have a lot of beads that just haven't "spoken" to me yet, to let me know what to do with them. That's where George of Buy Her Beads comes in. His wife is a jewelry designer who has a ton of beads. George purges her collection so she has room for more! That sounds like something I need my husband to do!

I love looking at George's site because there are so many beautiful beads. There are also wire-wrapped items created by his wife that she then changed her mind on. Lucky for us! It seems like everyday there's something new to tempt me. He's got everything from tiny beads to huge slabs and nuggets in every color imaginable! Even just writing this blog post, I found a ton more that I really need to have! His wife has great taste in beads -- take a look and see for yourself.

Be blessed!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fabulosity -- The Quilted House

When I started this blog feature, I thought about all the fabulous Etsy sellers I've met in the year I've been selling online, and the first person that came to mind is my sister, Michelle, of The Quilted House. But I wanted to wait until she finished my custom big sis tote, created entirely from fat quarters from my personal stash. She promised she'd have it done before I went into the hospital to have my thyroid surgery, and when she makes a promise, she delivers!

But beyond the relationship we have as sisters, she is a truly talented quilter, and her work is phenomenal. The detail that she puts into her quilts is unparalleled. I feel truly blessed to have her work hanging on the walls of my home.

She is also an inspiration to me. She challenges me and encourages me with my own Etsy shop. We have challenged each other, along with a couple of friends, to try to list an item every day. That really helps to keep us focused on our businesses and keep our shops fresh and vibrant.

In her shop, she specializes in quirky, quilted items that you would never think of, like picture frames and greeting cards, as well as what you would expect, like hot pads and placemats. But even with these items, the workmanship is exquisite! Every detail is thought of ahead of time, and nothing is too small or trivial to be concerned with. I know that when I order something from Michelle, either from her shop or something custom, that when I receive it, I will be thrilled beyond words!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Fabulosity -- TJB Designs

Now, I don't really sew, or knit, but I do crochet in the winter when I have time. I make a lot of hats and scarves and afghans. And I'm always losing count when I'm doing something that requires concentration. And that's why I need something from Tommye of TJB Designs on Etsy!

I "met" Tommye on Twitter, and immediately fell in love with her products. As a jewelry designer, I can appreciate her love of beads. But what's so fabulous about her is that she uses them in a completely unique way -- creating beaded scissor fobs; knitting, crocheting and cross stitch accessories; and beaded bookmarks. And I totally need more bookmarks, because I'm always dog-earring the page of my books, and I totally need scissor fobs because I can never find my scissors! But most of all, her things are just pretty to look at. Wouldn't you rather mark your place in your book with a beautiful bookmark instead of a scrap of paper?

Check out these beautiful items and you'll be sure to find something to make your life a little more beautiful!

Facebook Fan Page

Well, I finally had a few free moments to start my Facebook Fan Page! It's a lot of work, because it takes forever to upload pictures to Facebook. But I'm very pleased with what I have so far. I'd love it for you to take a look and become a fan!

Stay blessed!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Fabulosity -- Glass River Jewelry

I absolutely adore lampwork beads. They are all one of a kind, even if they're part of a set, because they are completely handmade. Etsy has quite a few lampwork artists, but I adore the work done with lampwork beads by Vicki, of Glass River Jewelry.

I asked her once if she creates any of the beads she uses herself, and she told me that she doesn't, but she finds them in a variety of places, including Etsy. But what she does with these beautiful handcrafted beads is truly remarkable! I love to browse her shop just to get inspiration for my own jewelry designs. Even though I haven't yet created anything with lampwork beads, outside of seasonal designs, their beauty calls to me. Looking at the amazing creations by Glass River Jewelry will open your mind and heart to the beauty and versatility of lampwork beads.

Stop by and check out all the beautiful jewelry created by Vicki -- you won't be disappointed!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I can't believe that it's been almost a year since I opened my Etsy shop! To celebrate, I'm having a month-long sale on everything in my shop, including the Clearance area. I'm offering a 15% discount on your ENTIRE PURCHASE, now through May 31, 2010! So stop by and shop now. And don't forget, all clearance merchandise ships for FREE!