Friday, November 27, 2009

Fun with Polymer Clay

Well, lately I've been trying my hand at something new -- polymer clay. My first several batches burned rather quickly, but once I got my hands on an oven thermometer, I was all right. Polymer clay is a lot of fun! I love being able to make my own beads and pendants and create my own colors and designs.

Originally I wanted to make keychains using French beaded flowers, which were beautiful, but very time consuming and delicate, so they didn't ship well or handle well for daily use. But polymer clay, when baked, is much hardier, much more versatile, and much quicker to create with.

So I started making what I call key keepers -- beautiful polymer clay pendants on beaded leather cords that fasten around the handle of your bag or purse so that you always know where your keys are. Brilliant, right? :) I'm always losing my keys -- in my purse, in the house, in the car -- anywhere it's possible to lose your keys, I've done it. But of course since I've been making them, I've been selling them so fast that I don't have one yet! I guess I chose the perfect time to fall in love with polymer clay because at $10, they make perfect Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers! :) Even though they're only available in my shop in the star shape, I'm having so much fun creating different shapes and color combinations, they'll be around long after the holidays! :)

Be blessed!

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