Monday, May 24, 2010

Fabulosity -- Buy Her Beads

I don't know a jewelry designer who doesn't have a love of beads. I think we all have some level of compulsion to buy them, even if we don't have a need for them or any clue what we'll be using them for. I, myself, have a lot of beads that just haven't "spoken" to me yet, to let me know what to do with them. That's where George of Buy Her Beads comes in. His wife is a jewelry designer who has a ton of beads. George purges her collection so she has room for more! That sounds like something I need my husband to do!

I love looking at George's site because there are so many beautiful beads. There are also wire-wrapped items created by his wife that she then changed her mind on. Lucky for us! It seems like everyday there's something new to tempt me. He's got everything from tiny beads to huge slabs and nuggets in every color imaginable! Even just writing this blog post, I found a ton more that I really need to have! His wife has great taste in beads -- take a look and see for yourself.

Be blessed!

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  1. Thank you so much for the Fabulous Feature! WOW! I have never been blogged! Now I am Famous! :D Thank you so much! See you on Twitter. :D