Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fabulosity -- The Quilted House

When I started this blog feature, I thought about all the fabulous Etsy sellers I've met in the year I've been selling online, and the first person that came to mind is my sister, Michelle, of The Quilted House. But I wanted to wait until she finished my custom big sis tote, created entirely from fat quarters from my personal stash. She promised she'd have it done before I went into the hospital to have my thyroid surgery, and when she makes a promise, she delivers!

But beyond the relationship we have as sisters, she is a truly talented quilter, and her work is phenomenal. The detail that she puts into her quilts is unparalleled. I feel truly blessed to have her work hanging on the walls of my home.

She is also an inspiration to me. She challenges me and encourages me with my own Etsy shop. We have challenged each other, along with a couple of friends, to try to list an item every day. That really helps to keep us focused on our businesses and keep our shops fresh and vibrant.

In her shop, she specializes in quirky, quilted items that you would never think of, like picture frames and greeting cards, as well as what you would expect, like hot pads and placemats. But even with these items, the workmanship is exquisite! Every detail is thought of ahead of time, and nothing is too small or trivial to be concerned with. I know that when I order something from Michelle, either from her shop or something custom, that when I receive it, I will be thrilled beyond words!

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  1. Thanks so much for that awesome feature! You're the best and I'm really glad that you like your bag!